About the Book...

      The lure, at 60 years of age, proved irresistible: Set forth on the kind of downriver adventure boys dream about the first time they read Huckleberry Finn.
      Ten fishing buddies accepted Skipper Dickson's invitation to cast off in a 30-year-old houseboat for a 400-mile trip across the heart of Louisiana. Three fellows would make the entire journey, the others ride on relay.
      Half the trip they floated down the mellow, meandering Red River at 4mph, camping on sandbars and bottle fishing for blue catfish. The other half they dodged colossal freighters and barges on the lower Mississippi, mooring "at sea" and stirring up a dead body. And each evening, as the light faded, they marked "magic time" with tin-cup toasts.
      Skipper Dickson chronicles each escapade day by day in this rollicking river saga celebrating Louisiana wildlife and wilderness, friendship and heritage.
      "I couldn't imagine a more fulfilling way for guys to spend time than uninterrupted in a wild, remote situation, on our own with a mission -to reach New Orleans," writes the Shreveport businessman, conservationist, and adventure seeker. "Adventure is heightened when there's an element of suspense. It tests you. You get that macho inner voice saying, Yeah, I can do this."